1. How much does it cost?

Call today for the best rate. We give you the same prices for half or all day.

2. Bad Weather?

Bounce To The Moon will not set up in snow, rain, high wind, or muddy conditions. It is recommended that you reserve an alternate indoor location or change your date for your event. Once the jump castle is in place, rental begins regardless of weather conditions. In the event of bad weather, we will pick it up & no refund will be given.

3. Refund Policy?

Bounce To The Moon reserves the right to refuse to complete any event that has the potential to cause damage to its equipment.

4. Does it need electricity?

Yes, we will bring an extension cord that is 100 feet long with us to set up; the power source should be near the set up area.

5. Cancellation of rental?

We ask that you give us at least 2 weeks notice.

6. Do you deliver to my area?

Generally speaking, we service all of Greater Kansas City (MO and KS).

7. Do you carry insurance?

Yes, we are insured.

8. Are the moonwalks clean?

Yes, all the moonwalks are cleaned before and after each use.

9. Are there rental agreements to be signed?

Yes, for insurance reasons.

10. How far in advance should we reserve a moonwalk?

Our moonwalks are unique and different. The sooner you get on our schedule, the better chance you get what you want.